Virgin Twins

Nicole Bazuin & Andrea Werhun met on the set of a music video Nicole was directing and the rest is herstory.

Together, the duo are Virgin Twins, the publishers, producers, and co-creators of the book and short film, Modern Whore.

Andrea has the rare honour of both writing and posing nude for Playboy. She is interviewed among luminaries like Michelle Obama in the upcoming Yann Arthus Bertrand documentary WOMAN (Spring 2020).

Nicole is an award winning filmmaker, and creator of the series This Art Works! (CBC) and Climate Talks with Kids (BellTV). She is the writer and director of the Modern Whore short, which will premiere at SXSW 2020.

Virgin Twins is the multimedia company led by Nicole Bazuin and Andrea Werhun showcasing the provocative, innovative, and socially-conscious storytelling of a new generation. As a publishing press and production company, our books and ventures into TV and film combine artistic vision, progressive narratives, and a timelessly beautiful aesthetic. Virgin Twins is revolutionizing media to tell stories that others won’t dare to tell.