Modern Whore Centerfold Poster
Modern Whore Centerfold Poster

Modern Whore Centerfold Poster

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My blood runs cold, my memory has just been sold: my angel is a centerfold.

- J. Geils Band

Is your tool shed looking a little bare? Could your bathroom use some je ne sais quoi? Is your workplace lunchroom in desperate need of a cheerful office pick-me-up? 

Say no more: it's the signed Modern Whore Centerfold to the rescue! Celebrate whores who have "found their calling" with this thought-provoking 17x9 poster! 

PLUS! The hooker's guide on the backside for the aspiring sex worker features pro tips on heath, attitude, and how to handle being branded a whore for the rest of your life.This guide is for entertainment purposes only.

Whether you need a hot Playboy-inspired centerfold for your locker, mancave, bedroom, or ladies-only rec room, Modern Whore delivers. 

Orders are shipped within 3 days from Modern Whore HQ in Toronto.